Let's go ALL-IN for a fun-filled casino night celebrating our accomplishments in 2023! Deck yourself in your casino best and shuffle on over to the celebration of the year! This meeting of the members is held at Central Arizona College. Check-in and games begin at 5:30 pm, and the meeting will start at 6:30 pm. Before and during the meeting, enjoy music, 'deal'icious food, Blackjack and Roulette, raffle prizes, and more! Place your bets on an unforgettable night – we're going all in at our Ranch Royale!
While no registration is necessary to attend, you are encouraged to register to ensure there are enough refreshments for everyone.

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Below you'll find board election resources and additional annual meeting information.


You'll find all the details about our annual meeting below.
When is it?
Tuesday, March 26, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. Check-in, music, Blackjack, Roulette, and refreshments begin at 5:30 pm, and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm.
Where is it?
This meeting will be held at Central Arizona College San Tan Campus and via Zoom. If you're attending in person, we'll be in rooms A100 and A101 at 3736 E. Bella Vista Rd., San Tan Valley, AZ 85143.
Why should I come?
This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, enjoy complimentary refreshments, play games, win raffle prizes, and celebrate Johnson Ranch together.
Who can attend?
This is our Annual Meeting of Members of the Association, so all Johnson Ranch owners are welcome.
What happens at the meeting?
You'll start with music, Blackjack, Roulette, mingling, and refreshments at 5:30 pm, and then the meeting will begin at 6:30 pm. During the meeting:
  • We'll discuss our community's accomplishments.
  • Various prizes from our community partners will be raffled off.
  • Board election winners will be announced.
Why do we have this meeting?
Our governing documents require an Annual Meeting of the Association's members to fulfill the requirements in our bylaws and elect new board members.
Do I have to register?
While registration is not required, it's helpful for our team to know how many people plan to attend. Thank you in advance for registering!
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During our annual meeting, we will announce our board election winners. This year, four board member positions are open.
Voting online is quick and easy and opens on February 26, 2024. You will receive an invitation to vote from johnsonranch@ivotehoa.com. If you do not receive the email or require a paper ballot, please contact us at info@johnsonranch.com.
What you should know about the upcoming voting process:
  • Please make sure that you check your spam folder for the voting email.
  • The email will come from johnsonranch@ivotehoa.com.
  • If possible, add this address to your safe list to ensure it gets to you.
  • If you require a written ballot, please contact us at info@johnsonranch.com, and we will provide one to you.
  • Electronic Voting ends on March 25 at 11:59 pm. Paper ballots can be submitted until the call for ballots at our annual meeting on March 26.
You can find our list of board candidates, including their photos, names, short bios, and videos, below in the section titled "BOARD CANDIDATES."


Below you'll find our list of board member applicants, including their photos, names, short bios, and videos. Continue scrolling to view all the candidates. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Want to meet our board candidates or ask them a question? Join us for the following event: 
  • Board Candidate Q&A / Tuesday, February 20, 6:00-7:30 pm / at Solera 

Marsha Ard
Allison Black 
Community Member for Nine and a half years.
I am a current Board Member who has been re-elected twice. I have been Board Vice President in the past. I am very interested in being the Board President if re-elected for the upcoming term. I feel that everyone with an interest in being the Board President should be given the opportunity. In my opinion, being Board President will give me more education in Leadership, HOA's, Community Management, and even public speaking! I always strive to do a great job of listening to & representing the community, while making decisions based on the community as a whole. I would appreciate continuing to be a Board Member if re-elected.
Board Committee Experience: Yes,  I am a current Board Member and the Board Liaison/Chair of the Design Review Committee.
Davina Basham photo
Community Member for one year.
Completing my Masters in Global Leadership and Management from ASU, Thunderbird. Former Administration Manager for the US Census, a US Marine Corps veteran, and a leader in a worldwide transformational program. I wish to serve on the board to maintain integrity, and accountability and follow through with efficiency, future-oriented, and logic with the purpose of an HOA where the community feels heard, considered, and fair to everyone in our community with win/win outcomes.
Board Committee Experience: None.

Kelly Nichole Coe  
Community Member for four years. 
I am a US Navy veteran, wife, and mother to five. In my professional life I am a senior supervisor at a leading investment company. I have extensive people and project management skills as well as soft skills you cannot teach. My attention to detail and awareness is surpassed by few and I take great pride in all my hands touch. Fast learning has always been my game. I am a great listener and problem or conflict solver. I feel I would be an asset to our community and add fresh perspective.
Board Committee Experience: None. 

Diane Combes photo
Community Member for three years and 4 months. 
In August 2023, a board of directors' seat became available due to a resignation. I applied and was selected to fill the open seat and have been actively serving since then. I would be honored to continue as a board member as I have learned so much, but I know there is so much more to learn and to accomplish. I encourage feedback from the community and work to address those issues in partnership with the JR BOD and CCMC to provide solutions. As a full-time resident, I share the same concerns and aspirations as all residents, including safety, beautification of our community, maintenance and upkeep, property value, fun events that we all enjoy and living in a community I am proud of. I am active in the community as I participate in the planned events, including Trivia Night, Holiday Market, pancake breakfasts, and food truck night, and I look forward to attending new events as well. Recently retired after a long career in business and management, I look forward to continued service as a Johnson Ranch Board of Director. Thank you for your consideration. 
Board Committee Experience: As a Johnson Ranch resident, I served as Secretary of the Strategic Committee Planning team (SCP) for 2 years, then was elected to serve as Chair of the SCP. During my time on the committee, the SCP team worked closely with the board and CCMC to work with JR residents on new amenities that the residents expressed interest in. We invited residents to attend meetings as we provided information and answered questions about the amenities. All three amenities passed as residents had the opportunity to vote for what they would like to see move forward. I am also currently serving on the board of the STV Inc. 2024 team exploring San Tan Valley incorporation.

Jacqueline Harlow photo
Community Member for 13 years. 
Current proud President of a Board of Directors that has accomplished more and made more positive advances, for JRCA, than others in the past decade.13-year, full-time resident. Retired from County service here and State service in PA. Result-oriented, with focus on details and organization, as is certainly a necessity in our 20K+resident community. Participant in most JRCA activities. Life-long learner. Active listener. Exceptional communicator.Your vote, to retain Denise Farrell on the Board of Directors, will go far toward the continuing success of the Johnson Ranch Community Association. My goals are to continue to maintain property values and enhance the livability for all of our homeowners and residents.
Board Committee Experience: Yes, Board of Directors 2+ years; Nominating Committee.

Deb Grett photo
Deb Grett 
Community Member for 24 years. 
A New Jersey transplant and Johnson Ranch resident since 2000, I am single, with 3 fur babies. My work history includes 27+ years in the financial/banking industry with a focus on: Customer Service, Administration/Business Support, Event Management, Employee Engagment. I am a current board member, but prior to this I had been an active attendee at HOA meetings for more than a decade and a member of several committees (see above). I feel I have been objective and reasonable, doing my best to educate myself on HOA business, and never losing sight I am making decisions on behalf of the JR Homeowners. My primary responsibilities being to maintain the association's fiscal health and keep JR a great place to live. My goals going forward are to continue to protect the association's financial health, making sure we take care of the amenities we currently have, and improve our community as we are able. I've enjoyed serving on the board and would like to continue as your representative.
Board Committee Experience: Currently serving on the Board of Director as Secretary. I am also the board liaison to the SCP Committee. Prior to being voted to the board I was a member of the SCP Committee (serving as Secretary). I have also served on the Nominating Committee and the Volunteer Committee (when it was active).
Donald Reveile photo
Community Member for three years and four months. 
I am a retired law Enforcement Officer from Texas. My wife Jacqueline have been married 46 years and have two children and 10 grandchildren. I believe we need new people on the board. I would like to see more streetlights and security. 
Board Committee Experience: The board of deacons at my church. 
 Edith Witczak
Edith Witczak
Community Member for five months. 
Click here to watch my video.
My name is Edith Witczak, and I have lived in Johnson Ranch for 5 months, coming from the West Valley. I have lived in Arizona all my life and have seen Tucson and Phoenix grow exponentially through the years. In the past, I have served on several committees that consist of Budget and Planning, coordinating events, emergency planning, and complex issues. I was head of a Leadership Training Program for 2 years and served on a Forward Thinking committee, which exposed me to working with others, hearing new ideas, and solving complex issues together for the best of the organization. I would like to get more involved in the community I live in, get to know the people, build relationships, solve issues of concern, serve those in our community, and contribute to making Johnson Ranch a better place to live. I am open-minded, optimistic, and cooperative, and I would love to help our community improve for the better! Together we can make it the place everyone can enjoy!
Board Committee Experience: While working for the Dept of Justice for 22 years, I was on several committees that coordinated company events throughout the year, i.e., holiday parties, federal holiday events, Budget and Planning committee, Diversity Week, etc. I assisted with the coordination of mock drills for emergency planning. I was over the Leadership training program for the complex. I served on a Forward Thinking committee, which exposed me to new ideas for solving complex issues within the organization, discussions with others, making plans, and brainstorming.
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