DRC Guidelines & Paint Schemes

Any change, addition, or modification to a site or a building exterior of a residential property requires prior approval of the Design Review Committee.
All submitted applications will be reviewed by the Community Coordinator for automatic approval and if the application does not qualify for an auto approval, it will be presented to the Design Review Committee for a decision. 
Simply stated, no improvements, alterations, repairs, additions, or other work, including changes to the exterior color, is to occur on any lot without prior approval.  The responsibility of the Design Review Committee is to ensure and maintain the exceptional image of the Johnson Ranch community. Submittals will be returned to you either approved, denied, or for more information within forty-five (45) days of receipt of your request. Upon receipt of approval from the Committee of any construction, installation, addition, alteration, repair, change or other work, the owner must complete approved work within sixty (60) days of approval.
The forgoing Design Guidelines may be modified from time to time as may be deemed necessary at the discretion of the Design Review Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
The following information should be included:
· Application Form and Additional Terms completed and signed by the owner of record.
· Plot Plan - A site plan indicating dimensions relating to the existing dwelling and property lines, must include all set-backs and the improvement to be installed.
· Elevation Plans- Plans showing finished appearance of the improvements in relation to the existing dwelling and property lines. 
· Specifications – Description detailing materials to be used with color samples attached: drawing or brochure of structure indicating dimensions and color. 
· Applications may be obtained from the HOA On-Site Office (1475 E. Bella Vista Road, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143) or downloading from this website.
Submit the application and plans to:
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that any proposed construction is coordinated with, and where applicable, approved by all counties, local, state and federal government agencies. The Committee, the Management Company and the Association assume no responsibility for obtaining these reviews and approvals.
Please keep in mind that the approved colors will not always print properly and you will need to use the code associated with the colors.
For questions or further clarification email: Community Coordinator
Johnson Ranch Approved Colors by Subdivision: Dunn Edwards
*organized by subdivision, homeowners may select any scheme*
With a proper application form completed, approval may be given by the Managing Agent for the following:
· Flag poles & house mounted flags
· Front door paint
· Front door replacement w/ same door
· Garage coach lights
· Gemstone Lighting
· Gutters
· Landscape Lighting
· Play Structures
· Pre-approved exterior paint
· Roof repairs / replacements
· Satellite dishes
· Security cameras
· Sunscreens
· Security doors
· Solar panels
· String Lights
· Sunscreens
· Trampolines
· Tree, plant rock (granite) replacements
· Turf/rock (granite) conversions
· Window Replacement
Should the Managing Agent feel for any reason that the Design Review Committee should review the submittal, they will have the responsibility to forward the       submittal to the Committee for review. Any future additions or deletions from the above list will be sent to the Board of Directors for approval.