There's always something happening at Johnson Ranch — see the status of various projects the Association is working on around the community right here.
Saddle Park Playground
Wall Project
April 2020 - May 2023
Back in 2020, Finesse Construction came out and inspected all the walls the HOA is responsible for maintaining and created a report for which walls needed to be repaired. This project was laid out in four phases, The 4th Phase is currently in progress and should be completed around the beginning of the new year. ( This project is still underway but has been delayed a couple of weeks due to material delays and also all the rain we have received over the last few weeks).
The current wall project is only to fix what was reported back when they initially walked the property — we understand there has been further deterioration since then. When phase four is complete, the wall project will be concluded. We will still be addressing any issues with walls that fall under the Association's responsibility that need to be corrected on a case-by-case basis.
Last Updated - March 21st, 2023
Pool Tile repairs
Above and Beyond pools has already received the tiles to repair the water line tile, however the temperatures are too high now to do the work so we have to wait until fall when the temperatures drop below 100o.
Last Updated - June 28th, 2023
Completed Projects
Pond Dredging- This project was completed in October 2022. The water was emptied and the majority of the algae was pushed towards the pumps and removed from the bottom of the pond.
Stonegate Road Reseal- This project was completed in October 2022. Holbrook asphalt completed crack sealing and resealed the entire roadway and also the pool parking lots.
Pond Restocking - The pond was restocked with Bluegill, Redear, Speckle belly, Largemouth Bass, and Channel Catfish in November 2022.
Grass Overseeding - The Pitch and Putt and grass areas around the pools were overseeded in November 2022.
Pool Tile Replacement - The maintenance team replaced the falling off tile at the pools in December 2022
Johnson Ranch Monument - The monument is now being lit by solar lights. February 2023.
Cactus Park Update - New workout equipment and a spinning feature have been placed at Cactus Park. February 2023.
Dry Well Cleaning - The dry well cleaning has been completed for this year,  11 dry-wells and 8 head-walls were cleaned, this will help the storm water drain quicker and not build up in areas. February 2023.
Storm Wall Damage - Evolution Construction completed the repairs on 16 walls around property that were cuased by falling trees and heavy winds during a storm in September of 2022. April 2023
Pool Filter Media Change - Above and Beyond Pools removed all the old sand and put new sand in all the filters at all 3 pools, this should be done every 2-3 years at it makes it easier to keep the pools clean and maintain the chemical levels in an optimum range while using less chemicals.
Stonegate Road Repairs- Holbrook came back out in June of 2023 to complet warranty work and seal a couple areas that were missed.
Last Updated - August 3, 2023